Dreaming Tales is a site run by Creative Pigs, exploring myriad worlds and stories which spring from the deepest wells of the mind.

Do you want to know more about the author? Or the pigs?



What are the creative pigs? Are they really pigs?

‘Creative Pigs’ is a business run by Tricia Spafford. The name pays homage to her three pet pigs, Tiny, Ariel and Sowdie. (So, yes, they are real! You can find out more about the pigs by following the links above.) Tricia both writes and draws, and didn’t want to define her business by one thing or the other. She has always considered herself creative, and felt that this label suited her business, too. She doesn’t share just prose and she doesn’t share just art, she shares her vivid imagined worlds and images and stories no matter which form they take.

Creative Pigs was born in 2018, as Tricia was finishing up her PhD in medical research. Not keen on writing and reading scientific literature for the rest of her life (there’s a terrible lack of dragons, for one thing) Tricia decided to finally jump into an idea which had been percolating in her brain for a couple of years. Her first step was self-publication of her biannual comic, ‘Porcine Paladins’, and she plans to continue to grow and diversify.