It looks like Tricia finally worked out what this ‘internet’ thing is. It’s not tasty at all, though, which is pretty disappointing.

Oh well.

Huh? Oh, the news! Right, right!

Let’s see…

Well, this is the beginning of a brand new adventure for us! No longer bound to the merely corporeal, we are now beings of the web. You may worship me at your leisure. Speaking of, I should probably introduce myself and my… peasants.

So, my name is Tiny and obviously I’m the boss around here. Cute, adorable, excellent public speaking skills…The best pig, as I said. I’m also the eldest, so there’s that, too.

Then we’ve got Ariel. Despite being younger than me, she’s going a bit grey at the temples. She says it makes her look “distinguished”, but she just looks oooooold. Anyway, I’ve delegated her to being in charge of the art side of things. You’ll see her around, corralling the comics and organising commissions and things like that. Not right now though, she’s got things to set up.

Sowdie is young and spotty and unreasonably upbeat and optimistic. You can spot her, haha, because she’s got big white patches all over her. Well, all over her when she’s not covered in red mud. She’s in charge of the stories around here.

There’s more info about the site and, more importantly, me on the ‘About Us’ page.

Oh, who’s Tricia?

She’s the lackey with the opposable thumbs who’s in charge of typing and boring things like that. There’s an ‘About’ page for her, too.

Hi all, Tricia here. I’m the writer and artist behind Creative Pigs, and the owner of this site. I’m looking forwards to sharing my stories with you, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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