Publications Galore!

Tiny here. Once again, it is important to note that my favourite type of cake is chocolate and… what? There’s news? Okay, but is it as important as the readers knowing what tribute to send—


Okay, fine.

Tricia informs me that my role as news-pig is not just keeping you all up-to-date on my food preferences, which I think is simply incorrect, but she controls the food so, you know. I guess I could say the news, too. Tricia has just had a piece of her flash fiction published in the Silver Stork Magazine and is very excited by this fact. It’s her first ever official publication (providing we don’t count that scientific paper she helped write) and she wanted to tell you all to go and check out the other wonderful people who have been published in the magazine.

In far more exciting news, she’s nearly finished working on the next issue of ‘Porcine Paladins’. With a title like ‘Easter Excitement’ you know it’s going to be full of adventure and, most importantly, chocolate! It’ll be coming out in May, 2019 and features me in all my technicolour glory! (And Ariel, I guess, but I know you read these comics mostly for me. I am the best pig, after all.) You can expect snippets of pages to be going up soon, mostly on our Instagram, which means it’ll finally actually be used for something. You can find us by looking for creativepig_tales. Tricia says she’d put up the cover here, but there’s been a last minute redesign decision, so it’s not done yet. Normally I’d be annoyed that she’s not organised, but given that the change means I’ll be on the front cover, I suppose I’m willing to let her do it. It really was shocking that I wasn’t on the cover to begin with, honestly.

I think that was everything? Yes?


Right, so I love mango smoothies and—

'Porcine Paladins - Easter Egg-citement' available now!

'Porcine Paladins - Easter Egg-citement' available now!

'Mango Madness' available online and at conventions

'Mango Madness' available online and at conventions