Dance of the giants

Dance of the giants

We sway from side to side, dancing to unheard music in our own heads.

Rearing high

Into a clear blue sky

Now we dance

Gyrate from side to side.

Articulate with care

Repeat the music that we hear

In our bones and

Now the steps begin.

Groaning, cracking

Oh! How we twist, our movements lacking

Fluidity and grace but

Rather, brittle and broken.

Oh! Towering creatures looming

Skywards in the misty glooming

Evening as far below our heads the earth

Shivers. Shakes. Crackles and cries

And our roots buried deep,

Poured and left to sleep,

Opine that maybe they will wake

Cracking as the world shakes.

Kinetics or kinesthesis, our bodies glass and stone

Every movement felt in every bone

Towering high with our

Feet cloaked in dust and ruin.

Upwards our spines rise

Looking up to the skies

Longing to break free of the bounds

Of the earth but alas, tied.

Feet anchored secure,

Perhaps hidden, with demure

Outside facades of beauty and grace yet

Secret chains hold us fast.

Impatient earth seeks to shift and

Each cracking change grinds our bones to sand

So we shout and sway

And around and below and inside us people pray.

Those voices drowned by the flood

Incipient tremors now shivering through the blood

Singing songs heard in our bones, in our

Sky-bound heads.

Upwards we reached but

Each and every one of us could not cut

At the bonds that

Tie us to the solid earth and its whims.

It crackles and creaks, quaking,

Shivering, moving and shaking,

Sounding its final death knell as it

Undermines our towering

Edifices, us, the city that craved to kiss the sky and











Author’s note: This was an interesting experiment. I don’t think I’ll be doing it again in the near future, but this one’s been percolating in my brain for several years now, at least as an idea and a format. Bonus - try looking at the first letter of each line. :)

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